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Neo Technology

Graphs are everywhere. From websites adding social capabilities to Telco’s providing personalized customer services to innovative bioinformatics research, organizations are adopting graph databases as the best way to model and query connected data. Neo Technology researchers have pioneered graph databases since 2000 and have been instrumental in bringing the power of the social graph to customers such as Adobe, Cisco, and Deutsche Telekom. Now in production for nine years, Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database with the largest ecosystem of partners and tens of thousands of successful deployments worldwide.

Objectivity - InfiniteGraph

InfiniteGraph, a product of Objectivity, Inc. is a unique distributed, scalable, enterprise graph database that acts as a Big Data Connection Platform. It enables organizations to easily develop Big Data analytics and decision support applications that discover hidden relationships within all types of data, while maximizing existing infrastructure for cost savings.


DataStax offers products and services based on the popular open-source database, Apache Cassandra™ that solve today’s most challenging big data problems. DataStax Enterprise combines the performance of Cassandra with analytics powered by Apache Hadoop and enterprise search with Apache Solr, creating a smartly integrated, big data platform. With DataStax Enterprise, real-time, analytic, and search workloads never conflict, giving you maximum performance with the added benefit of only managing a single database.

The company has over 140 customers, including leaders such as Netflix, Disney, Cisco, Rackspace and Constant Contact, and spans verticals including web, financial services, telecommunications, logistics and government. DataStax is backed by industry leading investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners and Crosslink Capital and is based in San Mateo, CA.


Versant Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNT) is an industry leader in building specialized NoSQL data management systems to enable the real-time enterprise. Using the Versant Database Engine, enterprises can handle complex information in environments that demand high performance, concurrency, and availability, significantly cut hardware and administration costs, speed and simplify development, and deliver products with a strong competitive edge. Versant's solutions are deployed in over 150,000 installations across a wide array of industries, including telecommunications, energy, financial services, transportation, manufacturing, and defense. For more than 20 years, Versant has been a trusted partner of Global 2000 companies such as Ericsson, Verizon, Siemens, and Financial Times, as well as the U.S. Government.


VoltDB is a blazingly fast relational database system.  It is specifically designed to run on modern scale-out architectures - fast, inexpensive servers connected via high-speed data networks.  VoltDB is aimed at a new generation of database applications – real-time feeds, sensor-driven data streams, micro-transactions, low-latency trading systems – requiring database throughput that can reach millions of operations per second.  What’s more, the applications that use this data must scale on demand, provide flawless fault tolerance and enable real-time visibility into the data that drives business value.


MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database helping more than one hundred thousand users quickly and easily code, scale, and operate applications. MongoDB bridges the gap between RDBMS and key-value stores -- instead of storing data in tables and rows, MongoDB stores data in documents with dynamic schemas. Global companies relying on MongoDB for storage of their application data include O2, Craigslist, Disney, eBay, Forbes, foursquare, Intuit, Shutterfly, Telefonica, and UK Government Digital Services. For more information, visit


Cloudant is a NoSQL cloud database service for developers of fast-growing web and mobile apps. It is hosted, operated and scaled by the big data experts at Cloudant, so you are free to stay focused on new development. Cloudant is accessed via a CouchDB-compatible RESTful JSON API, and features global data distribution, replication and sync (to mobile devices or remote data centers), full-text search, advanced analytics via MapReduce, and more. Get a free Cloudant Data Layer account at


Clustrix is the scale-out SQL database for Big Data applications. Clustrix provides a radically simple SQL database that enables applications to scale to unlimited users, transactions and data, while eliminating database sharding and automating fault tolerance. More than 125 Clustrix nodes are in production in web applications around the globe, with more than 500 billion transactions per month running through Clustrix databases worldwide. Customers include Symantec, AOL, MakeMyTrip, Photobox, and Massive Media.


Couchbase is the NoSQL database leader, with production deployments at AOL, Deutsche Post, NTT Docomo, Orbitz,, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Zynga and hundreds of other household names worldwide. Couchbase Server is the simple, fast, elastic NoSQL database that delivers a more scalable, high-performance, and cost-effective approach to data management than relational database technology. It is particularly well suited for web applications deployed on virtualized or cloud infrastructures, and for applications requiring real-time data synchronization between mobile devices and the cloud. Couchbase is a privately held company funded by Accel Partners, Ignition Partners, Mayfield Fund and North Bridge Venture Partners.

Franz, Inc.

Franz Inc. ( is an innovative technology company with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Graph Database solutions. AllegroGraph, Franz's high-performance, transactional, and highly scalable Graph Database, provides the solid storage layer for powerful enterprise grade NoSQL applications.

Franz's Allegro SET (Semantic Entity Tracker), allows a business to anticipate the activity of an "Entity" (think - customer, smart phone component, employee, etc) in their organization.  Businesses can spend more time discovering valuable Entity relationships and taking action automatically, intelligently and in real-time to create business value. Franz's products and professional services will help you "Add a Brain to your Big Data, Fast Data, and Complex Data".



YarcData delivers business-focused real-time graph analytics for enterprises to gain insight by discovering unknown relationships in Big Data. Its uRiKA appliance creates a highly scalable graph analytics warehouse that supports ad hoc queries, pattern-based searches, inferencing and deduction.  Adopters include the Institute of Systems Biology, the Mayo Clinic, Noblis, Sandia National Labs and the Canadian and U.S. government.  A Cray company, YarcData is based in the San Francisco bay area. More information is at

Amazon Web Services

Built upon the same world-class technology that powers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides businesses with a secure, reliable, easy-to-scale, low-cost computing platform “in the cloud.” AWS also offers Amazon DynamoDB, a fully-managed, low-latency, and scalable NoSQL service.  Learn more at:


Analytica was born to grant wishes. Spreadsheet Wizards and Data Scientists alike rejoice in exploring document data without tedious programming. "I wish I could aggregate... I wish I could join... could turn this document inside out... could spend more time with the data, and less time figuring out how to process it... I wish... I wish..." An intuitive, declarative transformation language invites any kind of analyst to turn the woes of document data analysis into problems of dark days past. A simple, familiar query language empowers analysts to spend more time exploring their data rather than spending time figuring how to build a data processing infrastructure to make their document data accessible to their tools. Data Scientists can play with their data on their terms via REST, and Spreadsheet Wizards can interact with document data in their native Excel environment via an Excel plug-in.

Founded in 2011 by alumni of 10gen, Oracle, Business Objects, and Greenplum, Analytica seeks to provide the missing collaborative analytic tools that are absent from most common document database systems. Currently in private beta, Analytica is working with several customers proving out the solution. Visit us at

Diamond Web Services

Diamond Web Services (DWS) is a boutique development shop located in Santa Monica, CA specializing in back end, front end, mobile, and connected device development.

The founders of DWS have decades of expertise in building large scale software and web development projects for Fortune 500 companies. Clientele comprise the banking industry, big pharma, large media outlets and technology startups.

DWS has strong ties to the open source community, including involvement in major conferences, running tech meetups and contributing code to open source projects.


GigaSpaces Technologies is the pioneer of a new generation of application virtualization platforms and a leading provider of end-to-end scaling solutions for distributed, mission-critical application environments, and cloud on-boarding technologies. GigaSpaces solutions complement existing Big Data processing and storage products to provide real-time performance, with enterprise grade reliability, security, transactionality, consistency, and scalability. Our Big Data solutions are also geared to reduce your total cost of ownership through automation, consistent management, and cloud enablement.


Iasa Global is the premier association focused on the technology architecture profession through the advancement of best practices, education and certification. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the association is committed to improving the quality of the IT architecture industry by developing and delivering standards, education and accredited certification programs and services. For more information, visit, or email:


Impetus offers innovative services and solutions for building a Big Data technology strategy. With a technology vendor-neutral perspective we provide architecture, design and implementation services for enterprise-ready Big Data Analytics solutions. Impetus' clients include American Express, ComScore, Pitney Bowes, Intuit, Entravision among others. Impetus' Big Data services team has proven thought leadership and expertise in solving Big Data challenges for its clients with tools like:

  • Kundera: Cassandra ORM
  • Ankush: The first vendor agnostic Big Data cluster manager
  • Jumbune: The first MapReduce profiler
Metric Insights

Metric Insights provides a self-service, context-based approach to business intelligence (BI) to enable data-driven companies to put both existing BI and new Big Data applications in the hands of more users, resulting in better, faster decision-making across the organization. By combining data sources — from Excel spreadsheets to Big Data — with external event data and annotations, vital insights become apparent to everyone in the organization. B

Open Shift

OpenShift is Red Hat's open source, auto-scaling platform-as-a-service. A PaaS allows developers to focus on code not configuring servers. If you are a Java, Ruby, Node.js, PHP, Perl or Python developer who wants to make use of NoSQL datastores like MongoDB in the cloud, check out OpenShift. Sign up with promo code NOSQLNOW and get 1.5 GB of memory and 3 GB of storage for FREE. Visit to learn more.


Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL), visit

Phasic Systems Inc

Phasic Systems Inc (PSI) provides services & technology for Agile Data Governance, Standardization & Warehousing Aggregation.  Our core technology suite, DataStar, is an agile data governance and standards methodology and management system that delivers data modeling, aggregation and automation. PSI created Corporate NoSQL™ , a hybrid approach which blends traditional data modeling tables and NoSQL together for agile warehousing and aggregation. Corporate NoSQLTM  is object-based, uses business terminology, easily handles all semantic variations & updates without changes to logical or physical models and directly implements governance concepts in models and physical storage. DataStar provides you with Agile Solutions that other companies can't in 60-90 days!


Starcounter is a database development company dedicated to providing the world’s highest performing database. Founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Joachim Wester, Starcounter’s goal is to simplify database processing while cutting costs. Its technology is ACID compliant, and performs best with high transactional, real-time applications. To learn more, visit
Data Science Central

Data Science Central is an online resource for Big Data Practitioners. Featuring news, commentary, and social networking, DSC covers analytics, visualization, integration, tools and trends, and also provides an outlet for career opportunities.


Manning is a publisher of computer books for professionals. We published our first book in 1993 and have been learning from our successes and even more from our mistakes, ever since. Every new book teaches us something to help us improve. How to choose the topics; how to find the right authors; how to help authors write their manuscripts; how to ensure the content is valuable and easy to learn; how to get the word out about the book. We publish standalone titles as well as books in series: Hello!, In Action, In Practice, In Depth, and In a Month of Lunches. Readers can access our books before they are finished through the Manning Early Access Program, and we make our books available through Safari and iBooks. Print copies, wherever they are bought, come with free electronic versions in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats, downloadable from the Manning site.


Zorba is an open-source, general-purpose query processor for flexible data. The goal of this project is to provide a rich programming experience for processing XML, JSON, and text. Zorba implements the complete family of XQuery specifications from W3C: XQuery 3.0, Update, Scripting, and Full-Text. It also extends the XQuery Data Model to provide first-class support for JSON data.

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