PM4: Advances in XML and XQuery
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  Daniela Florescu   Daniela Florescu
Software Architect


Tuesday, August 21, 2012
01:30 PM - 04:45 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

While NoSQL has grabbed all the attention, XML has been quietly making great progress recently, especially with the emergence of XQuery and in turn, JSON support for XQuery. The NoSQL world has much to learn from the XML community as the main motivation between XML and NoSQL databases is very much the same. In particular, the tutorial will talk about the following:
  • main use cases and motivations behind the design of XML and the XML technologies
  • short history of what happened with XML in the last 15 years commonalities with the NoSQL main motivations and use cases which technology should be used where a technical introduction to XQuery and associated technologies (XML Schema, XSLT) current use cases for XQuery and available implementations lessons learned from designing XQuery that will likely be valid for NoSQL query languages lessons learned from the implementations of XQuery

One of the benefits of the tutorial will be to increase the cross fertilization of technical ideas between the XML and the NoSQL communities.

Daniela Florescu is one of the leading figures in the technology and software field. She is currently a software architect at industry titan Oracle, where she is responsible for designing and developing software application and databases. In addition to her position with Oracle, Dr. Florescu is a major figure in the XML & SGML community, and the president of the FLWOR Foundation. She is also one of the editors of the the W3C XQuery Specification, having been involved with the XML Query Working group since its inception. Dr. Florescu has served as a researcher and software engineer for companies such as IBM, AT&T, INRIA, and Propel, and has lectured at Stanford University. She has also served as a member of key industry organizations such as World Wide Web Consortium.

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