Richness of Data Access with Polyglot Persistence
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  Matt Ingenthron   Matt Ingenthron
Co-Founder and Director Developer Solutions
  Daniel Templeton   Daniel Templeton
Manager, Partner Program Adoption


Thursday, August 23, 2012
03:00 PM - 03:45 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

With any significant application, methods of data management never exist in isolation. These applications use a combination of document stores for super fast, super simple data access, other structured systems for analytics and even distributed file stores alongside SQL databases. The MySQL community has long been open to embracing many other ways of managing and storing application data with the core SQL database capabilities.

This session will focus on how data can flow between a caching document store, a store optimized for analytics and our flexible relational database. Playing the role of fast, flexible schemaless store is Couchbase Server. In the role of analytics for the data is Cloudera's Hadoop distribution. For richness of transaction capabilities and indexing, we have MySQL. Using all of the tools for persistence available today, one gains many new capabilities and higher scalability. Each does not deprecate the other; many deployments persist their data in two or more stores to optimize different ways of accessing and processing data.

Couchbase Server integrated with Cloudera's Hadoop distribution via Couchbase's TAP interface and Hadoop's sqoop. Equivalently, sqoop works with MySQL through it's JDBC interface. All three can come together to deliver capabilities that are otherwise not available from any one of the systems alone.

Couchbase Server is in widespread use at Zynga with more than 235 Million active users per month as the simple, fast, elastic document store behind multiple games. It is also deployed by by AOL to service billions of ad impressions per day with intelligence.

Matt is the Director of the Developer Solutions group for Couchbase and has years of background in developing the backend systems for many large-scale, consumer facing web applications. The developer solutions team works with developers on modeling their needs against Couchbase and also produces client libraries, samples and other documentation for developers. In recent years, he has been a core developer on Membase and Couchbase and a contributor to the memcached project. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences including JavaOne 2011, MySQL 2011, MySQL 2010, OSCON 2010, Cloud Camp San Francisco, Silicon Valley Code Camp, and many others.

I manage the partner program infrastructure and certification program at Cloudera. In my previous life at Sun, I wore every hat available, from field sales to product engineering to product marketing to product management. My background is web development, Java, and HPC.

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