Smarter NoSQL – Developing a Platform for Everyday Business Analytics
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  Scott Wiener   Scott Wiener
Chief Technology Officer
Cloud9 Analytics


Thursday, August 23, 2012
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

NoSQL technologies have brought dramatic benefits to expert users, like software developers and data scientists, but at the cost of requiring strong technical and domain expertise. To deliver the next wave of value to organizations, NoSQL has to be harnessed to serve the information needs of untrained business users.

Scott Wiener, the chief technology officer of Cloud9, and his team have built a full cloud-based analytics and modeling platform on top of NoSQL– complete with exploratory, interactive and real-time analysis capabilities. Big data applications developed on this platform deliver immediately actionable information directly to line of business users.

During this session, Scott will discuss his experience building the Cloud9 platform, the challenges he overcame during the process and the financial benefits that have been achieved through the implementation of this cloud-based platform.

Specifically, attendees of this session will learn about:

  • Moving beyond the first generation use cases of NoSQL by delivering a value-added analytic platform.
  • Multiplying business value at the intersection of NoSQL, big data and cloud computing.
  • The business benefits of NoSQL-based line of business analytics and how they can improve a company’s top line results.
  • Leveraging key NoSQL technologies (such as key-value and document stores like Voldemort, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.), to build superior platforms for analytics and business modeling.
  • Building a NoSQL- based analytics solution that suits the needs of everyday business users, regardless of their technology background.
  • Overcoming challenges when building cloud-based and on-premise analytics platforms platforms on top of NoSQL technology.
  • How a NoSQL platform benefits specific business scenarios – e.g. forecasting, benchmarking – with examples of successful past applications.
  • Best practices and lessons learned when building a NoSQL-based analytics platform.

Over a 23 year career, Scott Wiener has repeatedly founded successful companies at the forefront of new technological waves, such as document processing (Ann Arbor Softworks, acquired by Ashton-Tate), collaborative systems (Common Knowledge, acquired by CESoftware), semantic search (Relevance Technologies, acquired by Documentum), and now Cloud9 Analytics.

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