Big Data Advanced Analytics for Game Monetization
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  Kimberly Chulis   Kimberly Chulis
Co-founder, Consumer Scientist and CEO
Core Analytics, LLC


Thursday, August 23, 2012
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

I. Introduction

A. Describe size of Gaming Industry and Exponential Growth
  1. Face of a traditional gamer is changing
  2. Gamification trends and Game-Marketing becoming new channel
  3. Social Media and Virtual Branded Good advertising
  4. Challenges to managing unwieldy data and the Big Data Movement at
II. Technology

A. Legacy systems and limitations
B. Warehousing options (Discuss open source and commercial solutions and integration abilities)
C. MapReduce, Hadoop and other filtering Technologies
D. Mahout, R and other open source analytics
E. Gap providing further advanced analytics and where SAS/SPSS/R, etc. can integrated to provide further capabilities

III. Examples

A. Video Game Subscription (Who’s buying, Who’s playing, Usability of Player type analytics, Describe what framework and solution looks like)
B. Social Game Ad and Virtual Good Monetization (sample framework, application and analysis with propensity to click on ads or purchase virtual good for game design)

IV. Where the Game Industry is Going

A. Online gambling/legislation
B. Trends to PC Gaming relative to Console
C. Gaming and Social Networks
D. Current Technological landscape will converge, UI for analytics will make this easier longer term

Kimberly Chulis is cofounder and CEO of Core Analytics, LLC. With over 18 years of professional advanced analytics experience,she demonstrated analytic expertise on projects at several companies and industries, including IBM, WellPoint, HCSC, UHG, Great West, Accenture, Ogilvy, Microsoft, Sprint/Nextel, Commonwealth Edison, TXU, Eloyalty, SPSS, Allstate, Cendant, General Motors, and others in the financial, telecommunications, healthcare, energy, nonprofit, retail, and educational sectors. Her current research focus is on Priming, Construals, Social Network Theory, Social Media Behavioral Applications, Big Data, Applied and Predictive Analytics, Mobile, New Technology Tracking Data, Consumer Behavior, eTailing, Customer Service, Applied Econometrics to Retailing. Her secondary focus is social media as a platform to drive positive public health, disease-related community support, early detection and intervention for healthcare outcomes. Kim is adjunct faculty in Northwestern's M.S. Pred

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